First poem of 2012.

A Mandela effect occurred sometime between 2010 and 2012 — my little brother became my big brother.

Big Bro

M.S. January 2012

You write like a word wizard;
You talk like a wise man;
And you walk like a warrior.
I can only mimic you, Muse
And wish I had your mind.

But I can’t have it,
And I really don’t want it,
Because only you can use it
For good like it was meant to be used,
So do it.

Do it with love;
Do it with smiles;
Do it with art and hugs,
And all the positive energy
You can collect from this world.

I’ll follow you,
And support you,
And be on your team.
You deserve every ounce
Of happiness. Every single ounce.



Introduction to Double Aquarius Virgo Moon

Life is a lot like Poetry

by Indigo Autumn

We “met” 10 years prior to our first date

Who knew what wheels of fate

Were being set into motion

When he took my photo that night

I’m a double Aquarius, Virgo moon

He’s a Libra and a work of art

On my 29th ride around the sun

The stars align for our story to start

Seasons cycle us both through other lovers

Waves float me by a Pisces, Aries, and a Virgo

Prevailing winds fly me to a Cancer every summer

What a divine intertwining of sexy souls

Every full moon inspires a juicy poem

Life is a lot like Poetry

We can follow the rules of form

Or we can let it all flow freely



Welcome to “How To Develop Disordered Eating 101” — Growing up in the 90’s watching our parents trying every fad diet trend, and failing.

Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Gastric Bypass

M.S. April 2009

Dear Dad,

Have you lost weight yet?

I poisoned your pantry,

so don’t go eating out of there.

How about you try not eating at all?

Make me proud.

I’ll come back when growls

loud enough to shake silverware

blare from your stomach.

I’m out shopping for your new size 36 waist

(with your credit card)

Your daughter, xo xo