Project 1 — Being in Love with Poetry vs Falling in Love with Poetry

I love falling in Love. It’s the being in Love part —

I love writing Poetry. It’s the being a Poet part —

But when my river of words runs dry, being in love with Poetry feels too forced.

I want my love to flow. I need my poetry to flow. I know it’s real when it spills out of me with passion and fire. Both, poetry and love. Love is Poetry.

The best way to know I’m falling in love is when I start writing Haiku. It’s like poetry foreplay to me. I know more is coming, creatively. I want to rush into lust, but I can be patient. The haiku plays with boundaries — explores the simplicity of expression, and the complexity of distillation.

The last time I was in Love, I wrote this sequence of 5 Haiku — one for every full moon. Once the Haiku phase was over, the poems I wrote transcended all the poetry I had ever written. I was a new woman, a new voice. Reborn.

Haiku 1

Raindrops Moon

by Indigo Autumn

Open heart and mind

With the heart behind the heart

Eyes behind the eyes

Sunshine love light beams

Born in the rainbow spectrum

Good morning raindrops

Rain lingers in clouds

Sunrise lounges in morning

Waking up smiling

Haiku 2

Sunrise Moon

by Indigo Autumn

Sunrise, hands wander

My hips press hard into yours

Fingers trace contours

Haiku 3

Joy Moon

Drifting back to sleep

Lucid fantasies want to

Satisfy the tease

Cold nights, warm bodies

Spark cravings for taste and touch

His ecstasy laugh

My euphoric rush

Lips kiss, hips press, bodies flex

Faint whispers of joy

Haiku 4

Melt Moon

by Indigo Autumn

Hearts beat, breath in sync

I can feel him pulling me

Half morning, half dream

Melt into his reach

Haiku 5

Snooze Moon

by Indigo Autumn

Oops fell back asleep

He flows from my screen into

My dreams, sexy scenes



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